Launching Bookmark Global Products

By Raymond Girard and Simon Hobbs
February 6th, 2017


Bookmark Content is broadening its scope by launching services for on-demand content.

As a fully-integrated content marketing agency, Bookmark delivers dozens of services across all kinds of platforms to a wide range of clients in multiple languages from our nine offices. From traditional content marketing services to bespoke PR experiences, we’re incredibly proud of our approach to content, one that’s broad, deep and strategic.

However, we’re also aware that some companies, especially small or mid-sized ones, can be intimidated by how big we seem, or by the breadth of our offer. They don’t look to us for one-off, on-demand content executions. The kinds that deliver fast revenue and often lead to long term relationships.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve carried out a deep review of our services and identified quite a few that could easily be packaged (or branded) and sold as “products”. Here are the key criteria used in our assessment:

1. Simplicity: The product has to be simple to be understood in all markets where we operate (and even beyond). Simplicity will also allow for standardized training and service delivery across our neighborhoods.
2. Scalable and Repeatable: A templated approach to products will ensure they’re easily replicated across cultures, and easily adapted to the changing needs of clients. After all, you can’t scale what you can’t repeat!
3. Singular: unique products or products with a unique spin.
4. Standardized: Products will be defined and have set prices, simplifying budgeting and forecasting (for us and for clients) which will help manage service creep.
5. Quick to Market: The products should be “ready to go” in order to impact 2017 revenues and support our aggressive business development and growth targets.
6. Measurable: Our products will be engineered to deliver immediate, measurable results.

Given that, we are starting our new offering with the following services:

In the weeks to come, we will announce launch dates, specific offers, rates, and contact information. We are also putting the finishing touches on our website, one that will include more about these new products and services, case studies, and more.

We’re excited about this development and believe we can become a go-to source for on-demand content for premium brands. We hope to share more information with the world very soon. If this interests you, please reach out to us, and we can talk you through our new – and our old – services.

About the Author

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    Raymond Girard and Simon Hobbs
  • Raymond Girard and Simon Hobbs are co-CEOs of Bookmark Content and Communications, based in Toronto and London respectively.