The Rise and Rise (And Rise) of Video: engaging content that you can see

By Tanya Parker
April 13th, 2017


Studies1 estimate that 85% of search traffic will be video-based by 2019, and content creators are scrambling to add capability and resources to catch up.

Videos are visually stimulating, available across multiple devices and shareable across social media platforms, upping awareness and reach rates versus their still photography counterparts by a factor of six2. The ubiquity and malleability of videos make them the top contender in organic reach, and, let’s face it, they are far more engaging! We’re much more likely to remember something we saw than something we read, which plays to video’s strength.

That said, the written word is video’s best sidekick. When video is used as the bait to get an audience’s attention, perhaps with a teaser on social, a viewer is much more likely to click through and read the accompanying long-form copy.

So, what’s best practice with videos?

1) Keep Them Short: Videos perform best when they’re three minutes or less. News broadcasters cracked this code well before the surge of online video, but the rule still holds true. Any longer, and viewers are likely to tune out.

2) You Have Three Seconds to Make an Impression: The first three seconds are the most important for capturing viewers. According to Facebook3, 65% of people will watch the first three seconds of a video they see on their social feed. If those quick moments are engaging enough, they’ll go on to watch more. That’s three seconds of value, from a content creation perspective, and can make or break your content’s success.

3) Videos are….Visual: Because video is viewed on multiple platforms, the visual has to be strong enough to stand without audio – or at least, initially. Videos online tend to play automatically as you scroll, so audio isn’t switched on just yet. It’s your job to give people a reason to stop scrolling and want to listen. Likewise, captions help for those who choose not to turn on the audio.

While there are many nuanced aspects to consider when creating video content, these basic tips will help achieve success as content creators. And for now and in the foreseeable future, video’s reach will continue to grow. Best to get on board now.

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