Media Sales, Q&A Talent Pool: Sarah Zhang, Account Manager, Shanghai

1. What does the Account Manager in Shanghai do? As the “oldest” staff on site, ..

January 6

PR/Events, Q&A Talent Pool: Miju Kim, Marketing and Events Manager, Toronto

1. What does the Marketing and Events Manager in Toronto do? As part of the PR and ..

December 22

Q&A Entrevista con: Daniela Vicuña, Editor-in-Chief, Santiago

1. ¿Qué hace el Editor-in-chief en la oficina de Santiago? Trabaja y piensa en ..

December 16

Q&A, Tech Talent Pool: Mel Discepola, Web Developer, Montreal

1. What does the Web Developer in Montreal do? I develop websites for Bookmark’s ..

December 9

Content, Marketing Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, and Think Like a Designer
By Joelle Irvine

Thinking-outside-the-box is just another tired catch phrase until you do something ..

December 7

Content, Q&A Talent Pool: Ruxandra Gheordunescu, Social Media Manager, London

1. What does the Social Media Manager in London do? All things social! I’m the ..

December 1

Content, Marketing What Storytelling Means to Brands
By Lucy Coles

A brand with a compelling back story is a brand that has a chance to connect with the ..

November 30

Media Sales We Won a Pitch in One Day and You Can Too
By Roberto Schiattino

Agility is more than a buzzword when you’re faced with an impossible deadline.

November 25

Content Instagram Curation For Client Brands
By Emmanuelle Peri

An image can say more than a thousand words. For brands using Instagram, there are ..

November 23

Content Art Design Team of the Year: Un premio a la creación colectiva
By Ignacio Poblete

El Ozzie ganado por el equipo de Arte de Bookmark Santiago en los Folio Awards 2016 ..

November 10