Category: Media Sales

Media Sales Make Them Work for You: 5 Key Sales Tactics for 2017
By Laura Maurice

Being in sales means constantly evolving to keep up with client needs. Here’s how ..

February 10

Media Sales Talent Pool: Sarah Zhang, Account Manager, Shanghai

1. What does the Account Manager in Shanghai do? As the “oldest” staff on site, ..

January 6

Media Sales We Won a Pitch in One Day and You Can Too
By Roberto Schiattino

Agility is more than a buzzword when you’re faced with an impossible deadline.

November 25

Media Sales When Work Culture Works
By Arjun Basu

Culture is a notoriously difficult metric to define. A happy workplace is one thing. ..

October 17

Media Sales What the World Needs Now is Sales, Sweet Sales.
By Jeff McCann

Digital technology has transformed the advertising world, mostly for the better. But ..

October 12

Media Sales The Rise of ‘Community Relationship Marketing’
By Lucy Coles

The world has gone from general interest to niche and we have our online profiles to ..

September 26

Media Sales The First Chapter in the Story of Bookmark
By Arjun Basu

Rebranding a company is relatively simple: you start with a brief, you huddle ..

September 23

Media Sales Data + Creativity = Win

Marketers love data and why not? Data offers the proof that clients demand. But wait. ..

August 29

Media Sales The New Media Benefits of Teamwork
By Rebecca Perrin

Changes in content marketing have opened up new opportunities for editorial and sales ..

August 25

Media Sales Why Good Marketing Needs Transparency

Marketing means nothing without trust and transparency. When those two elements are ..

August 23