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PR/Events Talent Pool: Miju Kim, Marketing and Events Manager, Toronto

1. What does the Marketing and Events Manager in Toronto do? As part of the PR and ..

December 22

PR/Events The First Chapter in the Story of Bookmark
By Arjun Basu

Rebranding a company is relatively simple: you start with a brief, you huddle ..

September 23

PR/Events A Ten Year Celebration of Home-Grown Film Talent

Good content should be celebrated. And the Air Canada enRoute team excels at sharing ..

September 8

PR/Events Making Meaningful Connections in a Content-Filled World

Understanding your audience is the key to success in a content-packed world. Figuring ..

September 6

PR/Events Frank Ocean Offers a Master Class in Content Strategy
By Arjun Basu

The marriage of content, marketing and PR has never been more obvious.

August 22

PR/Events The Rise and Fall of The Influencer
By Arjun Basu

Marketers should see the impending decline of The Influencer as an urgent lesson in ..

August 19

PR/Events Data-Free Content is Being Swallowed by Data-Driven Strategies
By Genevieve Wright

With too much content leading to content confusion, marketers are forgetting all the ..

August 10

PR/Events The 5 Most Important Things We Learned at SXSW Interactive 2016, With a Bonus Fact That Might Terrify You
By Matthew Fox

Snapchat, instant messaging, and Donald Trump were all the rage in Austin this past ..

April 1