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Tech Talent Pool: Mel Discepola, Web Developer, Montreal

1. What does the Web Developer in Montreal do? I develop websites for Bookmark’s ..

December 9

Tech What the World Needs Now is Sales, Sweet Sales.
By Jeff McCann

Digital technology has transformed the advertising world, mostly for the better. But ..

October 12

Tech The Rise of ‘Community Relationship Marketing’
By Lucy Coles

The world has gone from general interest to niche and we have our online profiles to ..

September 26

Tech A Ten Year Celebration of Home-Grown Film Talent

Good content should be celebrated. And the Air Canada enRoute team excels at sharing ..

September 8

Tech How to Carve Out Brand Territory On Social’s Frontiers
By Natasha Mekhail

It’s getting harder and harder for brands to communicate effectively on social ..

September 7

Tech Data + Creativity = Win

Marketers love data and why not? Data offers the proof that clients demand. But wait. ..

August 29

Tech What to Do About the Risks of Hyper-Personalization
By Line Atallah

Data is a key tool for marketers. It helps us pinpoint our customers and give them ..

August 17

Tech China’s Great Tech Debate
By Genevieve Wright

With access to over a billion people, tech companies in China aren’t hurting ..

August 16

Tech Speak Up! How Voice is Driving the Future of Content
By Genevieve Wright

Sometimes, it's just easier to say what's on your mind - even if it's only to your phone.

August 8

Tech Snapchat Inspires Innovation In Spite of Everyone
By Genevieve Wright

The time of video-sharing, video-advertizing, video-everything is upon us. And ..

August 3