LONDON Good Things Come to Those Who Audit

Google ‘content audit’ and the results will make you feel stressed and bored in ..

March 9

LONDON The Talent Pool: Danny Brogan, Editor, London

1. What do you do? I am the Editor on the multi-account desk in Bookmark’s ..

March 7

LONDON The Talent Pool: Eve Thomas, Managing Editor, Luxury Brands, Montreal

1. What do you do? I am Managing Editor of Luxury Brands, a division that includes ..

February 20

LONDON How to Win an Award in Content Marketing*

*Also including how not to win an award in content marketing.

February 17

LONDON Talent Pool: Simon Martin, Group Art Director, London

1. What does the Group Art Director in London do? I oversee all visual creative that ..

February 8

LONDON Launching Bookmark Global Products

Bookmark Content is broadening its scope by launching services for on-demand content.

February 6